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Movin' on up!!

I've been saying, almost as long as Outside the Lines has been around, that I was going to start a blog to go along with it. So msany of my clients have questions, concerns about their hair, and there's also a LOT of bad information out there!

We hope to bring you new and upcoming trends, beauty tips and hacks and just all around news inside the salon! This has been a year of so many changes, and so many new things are coming as I reestablish myself and my brand.

A couple weeks ago I made a big change, a 85 sqft bigger change! I'm still inside Salon Gallerie Suites, but I'm on the other side of the building, with a REAL WINDOW. The picture doesn't do the size of my new suite justice, I'll be posting live from there next week everyone can really see what we have going on! There's also a pretty awsome Back to School special that I'll be revealing, so stay tuned!

Oh and a little FridayFreebie, if you subscribe to my mailing list, Love Notes, you'll get a coupon for a FREE deep conditioning on your next visit!


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